Past Research Projects

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Sociophonetic Analysis of Vowel Trajectories

This collaborative project seeks to study diachronic evolution of vowel shifts and perceptually salient, but subtle, cues in vowel trajectories which distinguish ethnic and regional varieties of American English. It uses fine-grained acoustic measurements in developing a perceptually-informed method of assessing dialectal differences in spectral change. Results of this study were published in Penn Working Papers in Linguistics in Fall 2014.

Sample figure from this study.

Dialectal Variation in Coarticulatory Vowel Nasalization

My Master's capstone project examined acoustic variation in coarticulatory vowel nasalization strategies among Anglo-American and African American (Vernacular) English speakers. I designed a pilot study to more directly address questions articulatory aspects of this phenomenon by incorporating an aerodynamic (oral & nasal airflow) component and ultrasound tongue imaging.

Sample figure from this study.

Language Attitudes, Grammaticality Judgments, and Personality

This study has been completed---many thanks to all who participated! Participants (1) filled out a questionnaire assessing language attitudes, (2) rated sentences featuring standard American English, informal standard American English, and regional or social dialects of American English, and (3) filled out a personality questionnaire. Results of this study have been presented at the UW-Eau Claire Spring 2012 Linguistics Colloquium, the 2012 Sociolinguistics Symposium (Berlin, Germany), the NCSU Linguistics Brownbag 2012 Series, and New Ways of Analyzing Variation 2012 (NWAV) 41 (Bloomington, IN).

Introduction to LaTeX: Workshop

I gave a workshop on LaTeX for the NCSU linguistics concentration in October 2013. The handout is available here at the NCSU Phonology Lab website. I held a similar workshop in the UCLA linguistics department in 2014.