About Me

I have a Master's degree in linguistics from UCLA where I focused on articulatory and acoustic phonetics as well as computational phonology. From my Master's in sociolinguistics from North Carolina State University, I acquired expertise in language variation and change in American English using innovative laboratory phonology methods and advanced statistical analysis. To sum up my interests, I am passionate about exploring the ways in which things in the world can be different, how individuals make use of or respond to those differences, and how to quantify them. As a consequence, I'm equally interested in the effective communication of the results of analysis through writing and data visualization.

I've found my home in the quantitative research department of a market research firm in downtown Pittsburgh, PA. As Data Analyst, I contribute my unique background in quantitative social sciences to provide insight into quantitative projects through statistical analysis and visualization. My new position has proven to be an exciting place for me to apply my skills and talents as well as do what I love most—continue to learn and grow—in a challenging collaborative environment.